Fancy Bed Sets


Fancy Bridal Bed Sheet Sets

At wedding most demanding product in Pakistan .This is also called bridal bed sheet sets. These bed sheets are available in 8peace or 14peace.

Catageries of Bridal Bed Sheet Sets

There are many categories of Fancy Bed sheet set just like stars in the sky. These are one of them and most people use these bed sets in the winter season. We are providing different  of stuff in bed sheet such as: Palachi, Velvet, Silk and Jamawar.

Questions about Fancy & Bridal Bed sheet Sets

What is included in Bridal Bedsheet Sets?

A set of bed sheet generally consists of at least flat or fitted bed sheet that covers the mattress; a flat top sheet; either a quilt, or a duvet. Sometimes with a duvet cover is to be used in addition to or instead of – the top sheet; and a number of pillows with pillowcases, also referred to as pillow shams.