candle stick holder


Candle stick holder
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purpose of a candle stick holder

The primary function of candle stick holder is to provide a secure and safe base for candles to avoid any mishaps. Placing a lighted candle without a sturdy base is like waiting for a disaster to happen. Even a slight push can cause the candle to fall over and the table cloth or curtains might catch fire.

Candle stick holder

This project has been named REmix, since it has something of a mix, like disco music that was fashionable at the same time the original pieces were designed.‎ To complete it we have had the help and participation of different authors.‎ REmix Vol.‎1 candle stick  is a limited set of candle holders (1) made by Curro Claret.‎ Because of his profile and trajectory, we couldn’t have chosen a better designer to start with the project.‎ REmix Vol.‎2 candle stick is a limited set of cabinets (2), developed by Ramón Úbeda and the BD technical team

.‎Wedding party candle cup tray small candlestick metal iron gold candle holder home decoration living room accessories - AliExpress Home & Garden

 elements of candle stick

This is the cup-shaped component at the top of the candlestick/candelabrum which holds the candle in place. The decorative addition to the top of the candlestick used to prevent wax getting ‘wedged’ in the capital. | Decor | Candle Holders | Taper Candle Holders | Arden Brass Taper Candle Holder, Small


5 Shields 29 x 28 x h.9 cm
3 Shields 27 x 24 x h.7 cm
Small ball 10 x 6 cm
Large ball 14 x 10 cm


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