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Artwork Italian Heritage Ceramic washbasin / vase


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MOLOCO | Washbasin By Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan


Ceramic washbasin / vase

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Moloco is a ceramic sculpture available as a vase or washbasin with wall or floor drain.‎

A seductive and impressive design at the same time, allows the most varied interpretations within spaces characterized by a different functionality with the most elegant ease.‎ The desire of Artwork Italian Heritage is to bring the language of sculpture into interior design and into every living environment, be it a house, a hotel or a commercial space.‎ Artwork Italian Heritage is also a distinctive expression of objects that are placed in outdoor spaces and become witnesses of a new concept of urban furniture.‎

The Artwork Italian Heritage creations are a hymn to originality and represent the perfect mix of functionality, aesthetics and emotion.‎ The craftsmanship that characterizes Artwork Italian Heritage makes these objects unique, never the same, bearers of details that become timeless values.‎


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