freestanding round hanging mirror


Freestanding round hanging mirror with wooden frame

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                  hanging mirror with wooden frame

Giove is a freestanding round wall hanging mirror to be hung or to be leant with frame in solid Canaletto walnut or in silver or gold leaf.‎ It is compulsory removing the support feet to fix the  framed to the wall.‎

                         significance of hanging mirror

The framed mirror is a decorative element with many goodness and one of the most important is, without question, the reflection it reflects. It is indeed specially useful to visually enlarge a room and give depth to it. It allows to open and play with the perspectives and to see what is behind us.

                                     grounds of  mirror

framed mirrors create the vision of depth and space so they can really help make a small room feel bigger. A full-length framed mirrors tendency against the wall is a great decorative element to use in a small room. framed mirrors are also great for narrow spots such as hallways.

                                  Visible Mirrors

Visible mirrors are the mirrors we use in everyday life that can clearly be seen. These mirrors include you everyday bathroom mirrors, dressing mirrors, rear view mirrors on cars, side view mirrors on car and makeups mirrors.


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