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Candle holders are heat-proof containers used to hold and display candles safely. They are almost always made of glass, metal or cast iron. Some are plain and purely functional, while others are decorative and used to improve the look of a home. Candle holders are also used as part of religious rituals.

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Where do you place a candle holder?

Place wooden layers candle holders on top of a decorative tray or in decorative candle holders on the coffee table with some other small tabletop accents. This will create a sense of warmth and relaxation when sitting on the couch. Alternatively, you can put candles on top of books for a unique decor style

WOODEN LAYERS candle holder

combines warm candlelight from tea lights with the harmonious hue of fine walnut wood in this set of two exclusive candle holders.‎ The elegant design of the handcrafted candle holders exudes a very special ambience in your home.‎ Treatment with biological waxes results in a soft surface finish.‎ The wax not only enhances the beautiful grain, but also protects the valuable natural product from moisture and dust.‎ Treat yourself to some time out and use our candle holders for relaxing hours in a cosy atmosphere!Rustic Multi-layered Floating Wood Tealight Candle Holder | Wooden candle  sticks, Candle holders, Tea lights

Product details:

• Set of two wooden layers candle holders made of FSC-certified walnut wood with biologically waxed surface.‎
• Suitable for standard tea lights, not included
• Dimensions may vary minimally due to material and production.‎
• Hand-crafted –


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