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Handmade rectangular wool rug


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NARCISO By Tacchini


Handmade rectangular wool rug

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Inspired by the famous painting of the same name by the globally renowned architect and designer, the Narciso rug weaves geometries and colours in an abstract subject of subtle elegance, ensconcing delicate pastel tones that seem to reflect beauty in its entire splendour, a reflection of truth and illusion.‎ The hand-knotted piece, produced in Nepal, is made in accordance with the ancient and complex oriental process of knotting wool.‎ Equally poignantly, Narciso is made of 100% wool Himalayan, a naturally robust and resistant material attributed to its high concentration of lanolin present in every fibre, thereby guaranteeing extreme durability of the rug over time.‎
It is a contemporary work of art that represents a perfect synthesis of pictorial art, design and dexterous craftsmanship.‎


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